Who is TYL

Hi there! I’m Alice Tallet, the founder of TYL joaillerie.


I know it’s common ground to set a jewellery business in one’s own name, but I felt a bit funny in doing so, which is why I decided to create my own brand instead.

Why did I choose this name?

Well, why not, hey?! But other than that, here are a few reasons.

First of all, a set of three letters, especially a couple of consonnant with a vowel in between, is easy to remember and usually easy to pronounce too is most languages.

And also, TYL are the three central letters in the word ‘style’. And the essence of TYL is best summed up in this famous quote from  Iris Apfel:

” You don’t need beauty, because you have sTYLe”

Chez TYL joaillerie, on façonne des pièces uniques tout à la main et à la cheville.


morceau de bois logé en plein milieu de l’établi,  et qui étonnament à un cale-porte.


Sculpture d’une pièce en cire


Echoppes et masses pour le sertissage


Repercé d’une plaque d’argent au bocfil